Genome Informatics

We provide software and hardware infrastructure to store and analyze NextGeneration (NGS) sequence data.

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What We Provide


Consultation on your NGS data analysis needs.

Data analyzing

Software pipelines to analyze the data.

Shell Access

Shell access to run your own commands.

Cloud Computing

Cloud-computing infrastructure.

Free data storage

Free data storage for "open data", and also paid service
for "closed" private data

High-Performance Compute

High-Performance Compute (HPC) cluster. >200 cores and counting.

Reference Datasets

Reference datasets to analyze your data.

Frequently Asked Questions

There is a Signup button at the top of the page. There is a name for a contact person and email address as well as the required information needed. Email us with all the required information and you will recive an email from us within twenty-four hours with your username and temporary password set for you.

There is a Login button at the top of the page. Click to that button and put in your username and password which you recived from us by email and click login.

Genifx offers two types of account. One is public and the other is private.

Public account is a free account that lets you store and share your data with the UAB community. Private account is a paid account that you keep your data to yourself nobody will be able to see nor use the data.

Depending on your needs the price wil differ. Please refer to Dr.Malay Basu at

We will be happy to assist you in anyway we can. Please feel free to email to Dr.Malay Basu at for all your questions.


Genifx operates in research collaboration model. The model is borrowed from the open-source software repository GitHub ( As long as a researcher shares data with other researchers at UAB, the facility is free. This means that you control who can publish results derived from the analysis of your data and can see who downloaded it, but you cannot control the access.

We understand the need for keeping some data private. This can be done by paying for the service. The price is determined case by case basis and dictated by the market price of the hardware.

About Us

Cutting-edge Technology Platform

 Transparent access to cloud platforms like Amazon AWS or DNANexus

 MongoDB based database store

 Pegasus pipeline software

 Cutting-edge infrastructure to run Docker containers

 Distributed file system based on GlusterFS

 Quad Infniband network backbone

 High-memory servers for de novo genome assembly

Who We are...

We might look little bit older, but this is who we are inside... Trying to keep our inspiration and freedom... to not to chain our minds...


Malay Basu

Principal Investigator

Aisha Bulut

Front-End Web Developer

Diego Penha

Back-end Web Developer